So I have so many books to read that I have been putting off. And I’m going to read them all nonstop(Unless to freak out of what I just read). Here’s a list of books I’m going to start reading as soon as I’m done with this post.

1. Allegiant

2. What’s Left Of Me( Re-reading this)

3. Once We Were

4. Echos of Us(explains more in this post)

5. I Am Number Four

6. Darkness Fades

7. Cinder

8. The Pledge(re-reading)

9. The Essence(re-reading)

10. The Offering


I know I’m late with most of these books. Because I suck. But I can’t wait to read them. Also some amazing news. So like a week ago Kat Zhang tweeted that the first three people who responds to her tweet on reviewing and ARC copy of Echo’s of Us will win that ARC. I was the second person to respond. And I’m so excited to getting the ARC copy of Echo’s of Us.


Another thing I plan on doing is starting to vlog along with blogging. Because that would just be amazing. I have to wait till I get a camera though. I want to see which I like to do better.


Well that’s all for now. Seee you later. 


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