Thursday’s Talk

Thursday’s Talk is an meme about talking about certain topics with you guys.

I just came up with this idea to talk about certain topic. Today’s topic is my book peeves. As a book lover I have a lot of book peeves. Like when I’m in a great part in the book I’m reading and something good is about to happen and then I have to stop reading because my mom wants me to do something for her. Like I was in the zone getting the feels and everything and I had to stop. Also, you know when your reading and everyone just deicide to talk to you even when they see that you are reading. That’s not even the worst book pet peeves of mine, it’s when they ask you why do read, because they think it’s boring. And then they assume that I know every book possible and that I love to read every single book there is. Like yes I love to read but no I don’t read everything. Sometimes I don’t like certain books.

Another thing that I don’t like is when someone says all books are the same since Twilight. Not ever book is the same as Twilight because what would be the purpose of reading if it’s all the same? My last book peeve is when someone says reading is stupid or that I read to much. There are so many things wrong with this sentence. One how is reading stupid when you read you get smarter, because you learn more vocabulary. Two there’s no such things of reading to much, there’s so much to read that it’s amazing. These are my book pet peeves, and I want to know yours. So comment and tell me your book pet peeves.


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