Thursday Talk #2

This is my second Thursday Talk, and I’m so excited right now. The topic that I picked is what I’m going though right now. Today’s topic is about reading in school. I start school today and the book I’m reading is on my nook. My school doesn’t let electronics in so this limits my reading a lot. That’s not the only problem with reading in school. Some of my teachers don’t let me read in class even when I finish my work. I hate it because I will be at the best part and my teacher was like “put the book done Gracie”. Aren’t teachers suppose to encourage reading? Well mine didn’t. Also school work + book reading = no reading at all for me because once I pick up a book I can’t put it down. And it also takes up all I can think about. Like if they are at a make out part.

Another thing is after school things. If I play a sport it takes up all my time, because by the time I get home its 7 and then I have to do homework. By the time I finish my homework it’s time to get ready for bed. No time to read at all till the weekends. I do a lot to make sure I read my books. I stay up past my bed time. I also read during lunch or a free period. I read on the bus to games and on the way home from games. I do my homework before practice and read after. So this is what I do to balance school and reading. Tell me what you do that balance school and reading.


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