Feature Friday: Book Beginning Friday

So this weeks Feature Friday is Book Beginning Friday. Where I give you a couple of sentences from a book.

So the book I chose is Sabierl by Garth Nix because I’m reading it now and it’s so good and I want you to see a glimpse of it’s amazingness.


“It was little more than three miles from the wall into the Old Kingdom, but that was enough. Noonday sunshine could be seen on the other side of the Wall in Ancelstierre, and not a cloud in sight. Here, there was a clouded sunset, and a steady rain had just begun to fall, coming faster than the tents could be raised.

The midwife shrugged her cloak higher up against her neck and bent over the woman again, raindrops spilling from her nose onto the upturned face below. The midwife’s breath blew out into a cloud of white, but there was no answering billow of air from her patient.”

Barnes and Noble


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