Banned Books Week

Banned Books

So this week is Banned Books Week, and we need to celebrate this special event that we need to tell everyone about. Before we can celebrate let me tell you what banned books are.

Banning books have been around since 387 B.C., now it’s being practice here in America where books are being censored or changed. To ban a book you first have to challenge a book, when you challenge a book you try to restrict it from school, libraries, stores, and more. Once the book is challenged and won the book is now banned, and now removed from schools, libraries, and more.

Red Epic Reads Badge

A lot of people ban books(a scary vial thought) for three major reasons.
1. The book is considered to be too sexually explicit
2. The book has offensive language
3. The book is unsuited for the age group

In America we have this thing called the First Amendment which is freedom of speech. Us readers shouldn’t be restricted on what we want to read. This is why we have to spread awareness on this book cruelty.

To support Banned Book Week, read a banned book this week. Also Epic Reads is has a hashtag called #ThingsThatShouldBeBannedInsreadOfBooks tweet along what you think should be banned instead of books. Blog about it just like I did, Epic Reads has a post where I got the amazing badge about banned books.

I got all my info from Epicreads


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