Sunday’s Post


So I decided I need help with maintaining my blog. So I asked two of my friends to help me and they said yes. Their names are Eliva and Shani. Elivia is going to be doing reviews and other posts, and Shani is going to be our editor and sometimes write reviews. They are going to start editing and blogging next week. Also we will update the about page sometime next week.

This Week’s Post:

Coming Up Next Week:

  • 11/24 #BookBlogWriMo: Reading Cave Fantasies
  • 11/25 #BookBlogWriMo: How You Deal with Book Hangovers
  • 11/25 Book Blitz: Anomaly
  • 11/26 #BookBlogWriMo: Cheating on Books
  • 11/27 Blog Tour: Hemlock Veils Review + Giveaway
  • 11/27 #BookBlogWriMo: Authors You’re Thankful For
  • 11/28 Blog Tour: Anomaly Review + Giveaway
  • 11/28 #BookBlogWriMo: Book Pet Peeves
  • 11/29 Swoon Worthy Saturday #5: Peeta
  • 11/30 Sunday’s Post #2

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