Discussion Post: Christmas Gifts for a Book Nerd

Discussion Post This Week:

So the time of year again the snow is falling, the christmas trees are going up, and the presents are coming. But here’s the big question what are you going to get your friend, daughter/son, or sister who’s a book nerd? Well I have some suggesting for you. Because I myself am a book nerd and these are somethings I would want.

  • Fandom clothes
  • Tickets to Comic-Con (the first biggest event for book nerds)
  • Tickets to Book Con and Book Expo America (the second biggest event for book nerds)
  • Books (never could go wrong with books)
  • Books Candles
  • Fandom accessories

Now your asking where can you buy these items? I have that answers to that question too.

  • Uber jewelry designs – they make fandom handmade jewelry for up to $29.99
  • An Enchanted Fate – they makes handmade tablet covers.
  • Book Fiend – they make evrything from cloths to jewlary. The best part it’s up to $24.95
  • Wall Decals Quotes – they make quotes that you can put on a wall.
  • Frost Bread – do you remember when I told you about those book candles, well this is where you can get it from.
  • Alpine Stone Apparel – they have TV and movie fandom clothes
  • Appraising Pages Shop – I love this website, they made me a custom made Divergent Hoodie. They make handmade book clothes.
  • Comic Con – the amazing place where fandoms meet up.
  • BookCom – the place where book nerd dream to go to besides Comic Con
  • BookExpo America – like Book Con but there’s book conferences.

So now you have an idea of where to get gifts for book nerds. If you have anything you want to add comment and tell us.


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