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Title: Chandrea (The Return of the Avatar Queen)
Author: Marlene Wynn
Series: Averill #1
Genre: New Adult, Fantasy, & Young Adult
Publication Date: September 22nd 2014
Publisher: CreateSpace
Rating: Stars

Chandrea Averill thinks she’s just like any other normal young woman. But, on the day of her 23rd birthday, her life changes forever.

Surrounded by magical creatures, dangerous sorcery, and insidious political intrigue, Chandrea desperately wants to return to Earth and the only life she’s ever known. But, the longer she stays, the more she realizes that she may be the only one with the power – both magical and political – to save the people of Lyrunia. Will she find the courage to remain and fight for her home world?

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Gracie’s Review:

Chandrea was so amazing. I love how fast paced it was, it jumped right into the action with the prologue then right in the beginning of the first chapter. I was taken away with this book right away. From this mysterious magical new world, that was so believable. Also I would love to live in this world, with the magical creatures.

Another thing I love about Chandrea is the main character Chandrea herself. She is thrown into this new world, and left everything she knows. And she does this in stride (and a little mental break down). She’s badass, loyal, and protective. She fights for what’s right and I think that this is amazing. If you want to read an epic fantasy then I recommend Chandrea

About the Author:

8343236 Marlene Wynn is a Utah native – fondly referred to as “Utonian” by a friend. She transplanted herself in 1992 from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the beachy shores of sunny Virginia Beach, Virginia and has been there ever since. Though she has worked in the benefits field for several years, she finally worked up the courage to chase her dream as an author.

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