Book Bumblings: Be a Better Blogger First Task

Be a Better Blogger

Be a Better Blogger is?

Be a Better Blogger is a challenge that is hosted by Book Bumblings. It’s lasting from January to June, every month there will be a new task that will help me become a better blogger. I can’t wait to start to learn new things in the blogging world and meeting new people.

My First Task:

My task is to start email marketing, before I signed up for this I made a monthly newsletter and I don’t know if I did a good job. I don’t know a thing about email marketing and hopefully by the end of the month I will know everything about it.

A List of Things I need to Do Before the End of the Month:

  • Start an email marketing list.
  • Replace your Feedburner emails with a gorgeous RSS-to-email email marketing campaign to send blog posts to your subscribers.
  • Start a weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • Add signup forms to your blog and social media profiles.
  • Create a lead magnet to attract subscribers.
  • Optimize your website for email growth.
  • Customize or update your signup forms and confirmation emails.

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