Book Review: Dreams, Fiction and Me by Agostino Scafidi


Title: Dreams, Fiction and Me
Author: Agostino Scafidi
Series: Stand Aalone
Publication Date: July 14th 2014
Publisher: Self Published
Source: The Author
Rating: 4 Stars
Format: eBook

A collection of short stories based entirely on dreams the author recorded in his journal. Over a period of almost three months he used techniques learned from various sources (Castaneda, Thelema, Occultism) to record his dreams. The author goes into detail about this process in the Introduction. Mixing fiction with the journal entries, intent on entertaining the reader as well as heightening awareness of the role of dreams in our lives, here is Dreams, Fiction and Me. A paranormal fiction suitable for all ages.

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Shani’s Review:

Dreams fiction and me wasn’t exactly what I expected although Gracie did tell me it was a collection of short stories – dreams if you will. I definitely enjoyed reading it, although it was a little hard to understand at first. When reading this, you have to read the intro, or you’ll be lost ! My favorite chapter is chapter ‘Its Not Zombies’ part one , because it wasn’t intended to be funny but I just found laughter in it. Don’t read this at night – it will give you strange dreams, but definitely read with an imaginative mind.

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