Discussion: What are your Favorite Book Romances?


Let’s Discuss:

Favorite Book Romances

My Feelings on This Topic:

This month discussion post is on my favorite book romances. I thought this would be fitting since it is almost Valentines Day and everyone will be thinking about love.

My List of Books:

❤ Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter) – The fact that they started off in a rough place, but over time grew to be best friends made their story a great one. Hermione did not need a man to save or help her because she is a strong intelligent lady, but she chose to love Ron for all he was, and he returned her love. Even when he messed up she stood up and did not falter in her love for him and they persevere and eventually got married.

❤ Tris and Four/Tobias (Divergent) – Their love was so amazing and I think the fact that he loved her for her mind and her character was what really drew me into their story. He saw her as beautiful because she tried her hardest and put others before herself. Their story proved that looks are not what people look for in a person. The thing that will make a couple last is how they see each other on the inside.

❤ Hazel and Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars) – This was one of the most epic stories of all time. It was not about a superhero or someone with special abilities. It was about a regular girl and a boy. This book was about a girl with cancer, but not a cancer book. Hazel Grace Lancaster met a boy name Augustus Waters and they proved to me that love is real. Augustus made my standards for guys incredibly high, and their romance made me cry. They proved their is a forever within the numbered days.

❤ Percy and Annabeth (Percy Jackson) – Percy and Annabeth were so awesome. I mean Annabeth reminds me of Hermione because she is so independent and she is strong and smart, being the daughter of Athena and all. Percy is brave and cares for her with all his heart. I love how he treats her like she is the most beautiful girl in the world. They are both strong-minded and heroes which may make them argue at times, but the best thing about them is they get past it and fight for their love.

All of these romances are so epic because they did not give upon each other and I think that is why I love these book romances so much because they do not just give up, they work for each other. When you really love someone you will do anything to keep them. -Elivia


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