How to Survive Watching Insurgent


Last year when I saw Divergent I was freaking out and I was like OMG I know whats going to happen next. To cut to the end my friends got mad at (because they didn’t read the books). So I was basically like thisCan't hold all these feels So if your going to see this movie and don’t want to get kicked out for the case of the feels I’m going to give you some tips to survive Insurgent!

Let’s Discuss: Tips to Survive Insurgent

Most likely watching these videos will help calm some feels that will appear during the movie or it will most likely make you freak out more.

    • Make sure not to freak out when they get something wrong

Im freaking out New Girl
The people who make adaptions usually leave an important part out (I heard that they aren’t putting the peace serum in the movie). I know us fangirls take these very seriously, but we don’t want to get kicked out the movie theater for screaming at the directors for getting something wrong. So take a deep breathe and wait till the movie is over to go freak out.

    • Read the book before you see the movie.

Most of you already read Insurgent, read it again so you already know what happens so it will calm your nerves.

So these are my tips to survive watching Insurgent! All these tips won’t work, I mean its INSURGENT! Freak out when you see it, this movie is made for us fangirls so lets fangirl. I know I am. So when you go see this movie today, relax and have fun and let your feels run free.

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