Why The Ragnarök Chronicles by Nicki J Markus Stole my Heart

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Title: The Ragnarok Chronicles
Author: Nicki J. Markus
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: March 2nd 2015
Publisher: Self Published
Source: Eyes on Books
Rating: 4 Stars
Format: eBook

For Ragnarok will be completed….
Nothing marks Cassandra out—except her visions. She’s only ever seen small, insignificant things. That is until the strange frost arrives.
With her normal life turned upside down, Cassandra is plunged into an extraordinary and terrifying world of Norse gods and rampaging giants, ancient feuds and broken prophecies.
A handsome stranger offers aid. But can Cassandra really trust him? More importantly, can she trust her own judgment when his slightest touch sets her heart and her body aflame?

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Shani’s Review:

The Ragnarök Chronicles was great ! Its full of action and I just couldn’t put it down. My favorite character, Cassandra is on a mission to help Loki (yes , the Greek God) save his worlds while maintaining hers. The beginning is one that will hold your attention so you don’t have to worry about not being interested in it at first. Unfortunately there is not much I can say without spoiling the story for all of the wonderful readers out there , so let me tell you why this has made my favorite book list.

-Romance ( I love it !)
-The story within the story. There’s mentions of Greek mythology and I love that too
-The funny moments Loki goes through switching between the worlds .
-The suspense almost killed me. Like I dropped my iPad a few times getting through the story

Do yourself some justice and go read!



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About the Author:
Author Pic 2015
Nicki J Markus was born in England in 1982, but now lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband. She has loved both reading and writing from a young age and is also a keen linguist.

Nicki launched her writing career in 2011. She published works through Wicked Nights Publishing and Silver Publishing before both companies closed their doors. She is now self-publishing some of her works.

Nicki also writes M/M fiction under the alternate pen name of Asta Idonea and has had several short stories published by Wayward Ink Publishing.

Nicki works as a freelance editor and proofreader and in her spare time enjoys: music, theatre, cinema, photography, sketching, history, folklore and mythology, pen-palling, and travel.

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