Meeting Some of My Two Favorite Idols

Yesturday I met Danielle Paige and finally Margot Woods. I had an amazing time, for the first time I made this blog. I met other amazing authors and hope to get their books in the near future.

Lets take about my experience. Since I went by myself. I was really nerves, I sat in the front, then I saw Danielle and Margot come in and set up in the back and I was freaking out. I was texting my friends and they were like calm down you don’t want to freak them out. So Margot was asking pre-made awesome questions and the authors (Danielle, Soman Chainani, Sara Benincasa, and Christoper Healy)  answered in a very funny way. 

Then it got to the point where Margot opened the floor to the audience. I worked up the courage and raised my hand and asked my question “what was the book that got you to read”. And I felt like I was going to pee myself. Looking back now I don’t really understand why I was so nerves everyone was really awesome. 

After that I got the chance to talk to Margot and like it was amazing. She’s just as awesome in person as in video. I can’t wait to see her again at book con and on May 9th to see Kiera Cass at the 92Y



When I was finished talking to Margot, I got in line and waited to get Dorothy Must Die signed.  And met this other amazing blogger, her name is Ava and she’s 12 and like she’s amazing. Her blog is name is Book Reviews by Ava

Finally I met Danielle and got my book signed.  


She was amazing and funny. She told us that she’s working on a new book about the Snow Queen. And the first thing that popped into my mind was Frozen. And she described it for us, here’s what it’s called, Stealing Snow. You guys should totally check it out because it’s amazing.  


Finally my night comes to an end. And. I get a cool poster bored that Danielle signed.  


I have no idea where I’m going to put it up in my room.  I also got Epic Reads book swag. A book shimmy bag, two books, and a Dorothy Must Die button.  I also got two posters but they are hard to take a picture of because they aren’t on my wall yet. 


Yesterday was an awesome night and hopefully I get the chance to share more nights like this with you guys. 


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