My YA Sports Team


I’m not sure that any of you guys know this but I’m a volleyball player. I love to play volleyball as much as I like to read. So I got this email saying “3 ways to get blacklisted by college coaches”. So an idea popped into my head, why not combine the one of the two things I love to do? So I looked up blacklisted (because I didn’t know what it meant) and I was like “okay this is not a good thing”. So I came up with an idea to tell you a list of characters I would have on my volleyball team. Amazing right?

To make a volleyball team, you need six or more people. I am going to give you a list of 6 female characters for my YA volleyball team.

My Girls Volleyball Team

I picked these girls because they all have the sorta the same characteristic. They are all bad ass female characters who are loyal and you need that on a volleyball team. I think my volleyball team is awesome and like no one can beat us. I mean I have four people with super powers, one kickass Dhampir, and the only female vampire in an all boy vampire race. We are unstoppable! Who would be on your YA sports team?


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