Summer Reading Challenge: My Dream Apocalypse

my dream Apocalypse
This idea just popped into my mind. I just came up with question and my answer was “what’s wrong with you Gracie? Wouldn’t you want to live it out and not have an apocalypse?”, this is a very good point, but most likely if we have an apocalypse I would want to know how to survive in this apocalypse. But what type of apocalypse, would I dream of that I can survive? There are zombie, nuclear war, water drought, alien invasions, etc. How can I chose if I don’t know anything about these things? So I decided that my summer reading I’m going to get a seven YA post apocalypse books and keep reporting to you guys of my progress and how to survive in these different types of apocalypses (of course write reviews for them).From these seven books I will chose which will be my dream apocalypse. You guys can join too, from the list I’m about to give you can tell me which apocalypse will be the way you want the world to end.


  • You have to read at least four of the seven books by the end of August.
  • You have to write a post (on your blog, twitter, instagram, or tumblr) about having to survive each apocalypse.
  • You have to tweet me (@bookgirlperks) your progress on reading these books, by using the #mydreamapocalypse *not mandatory for people who don’t have twitters*

The Seven Apocalypse Books:

Not A Drop to Drink
I chose Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis because I want to know how to survive when the world runs out of water.
rot and ruin
I chose Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry because we need a zombie apocalypse book if we want an apocalypse challenge.
I chose Angelfall by Susan Ee because if we throw in an apocalypse that no one would think of then things gets hard to decide.
I chose Partials by Dan Wells because “engineered organic beings identical to humans” trying to kill us sounds really interesting.
the fifth wave
I chose The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey because we need aliens in this mix, like how do you survive an alien invasion?
the 100
I chose The 100 by Kass Morgan because this is the apocalypse that will most likely to happen, a nuclear war (also I love the tv show).
I chose Gone by Michael Grant because I think it would be cool to live in a world with only kids.

If you’ve read these books it’s okay you can still join us and just reread them. I think this will be an amazing thing to do because it gives me a chance to be more involved with our readers. I hope you guys join us and if we get enough people to do it, then maybe we will do it next summer. If you guys have any questions comment on the bottom and I will answer you guys.


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