The Benefits of Having Book Goals

The Benifts of Having Book Goals

There are many benefits to having book goals. I never really thought about this before I wrote this post. I can really only explain my experience of fulling my book goals. But first, what is book goals? Book goals are goals that you set for your reading. Some people what to expand their reading by either reading more genres or books. Another book goal is meeting an author that they love or getting a friend to read one of their favorite books.

In the past I never realized that I actually fill-fulled some goals that I didn’t think I had. Everyone would tell me that I should read more non-fiction books, or different types of books. But me being my stubborn self I would just brush them off. Until I read City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I never ever liked third person books, but when I opened that book and got to the end I was hooked. Like really bad. The Mortal Instruments opened up a whole new world for me to explore, that I am still exploring. I now read more non-fiction and more third person books.

Being more open with the books actually lead me to creating this blog. Which I’m so happy to have in my life, just had my one year blog anniversary two days ago. These are my benefits of having book goals. Talking to you guys every time I make a post šŸ™‚ Tell me the benefits of your book goals!

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