5 Myths About Being a Book Nerd

20 Myths about Book Nerds (2)

As a book nerd people expect me to act and do things a certain way, which really irks my nerves. I heard a lot from little things to weird things, like I’m not an alien I’m normal too.

Here’s my list of myths that I have heard over the years.

5 Myths About Book Nerds:

  1. That we read anything and everything.
  2. That all I do is read, so therefore I have no life.
  3. I love books more than food. (I love them both equally 😉 )
  4. That I love all books. I am a very picky reader, like random people will give me books to read, The thought is sweet but it;s annoying.
  5. The final myth is that because I’m a book nerd I have to be quiet and in the background

These are the myths that I came up with, I would love to know what are some things that you guys have heard 🙂


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