What Book World Would You Live In?

The main reason I love to read is because it takes me to different places. With all the books in the world I’m never in the same place. These imaginary worlds that I wish were real, are infante and all at my finger tips. But which world would I live in? This is a very hard question for me, we have worlds where I can fly, have magical powers, or rule a kingdom! So many choices, because of this I’m only going to give you my three top choices.

My first choice will be the Shadowhunter world from the amazing mind that Cassandra Clare created City of Bones. I would love to be a badass shadowhunter who hunts demons, and vampires, werewolves, etc. are real what more could a girl ask for? Also I look very nice in black ;). My second choice would have to be from Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. If you ever read the book you will know why! I don’t know which kingdom I would live in but I do know which one I don’t want to be apart of and that’s Spring. But if I had to chose a kingdom it would be Winter because I was born in January so I would have to live in Januari:). My third choice is *drum rolls* Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard! I chose this book because it’s a kick ass awesome world sorta without the segregation and the evil psychotic queen. The only reason I would live there if I was red blooded with powers. I mean c’mon I would be apart of an revolution!

This barely scratches the surface of all the book worlds I’d live in, if I put all of them we would be here all day. I would love to know what book world you would live in and why? If it has magic then what would your powers be? Let me know I love hearing what you guys have to say.


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