A Look into Gracie: Coopermans Week 1

So I applied to this scholarship program for three weeks in the summer, and I got accepted. I am currently staying a Rowan College and I’m having an amazing time so far. I feel really challenged and like I’m sorta in college right now. I’m happy to be away home and the food is amazing.

The people here are amazing. I only came here knowing one person, now I know 18 amazing people. I have two awesome roommates named Shatavia and Taya. I love the youth leaders and the staff. My room is amazing, I think we are staying in the senior rooms so we have our own kitchen.

Like most people I have classes that I hate and classes that I love. I love my writing and reading class as you guys should know. The teacher is awesome and she’s cool. My leadership class is awesome to. He keeps me energized and focused and I’m hoping we will have good debates in the future (because I love debating with people). My college readiness class is awesome because we get an inside tip on what college admissions counselors look for in applications, and I get some of my questions answered. Finally we have my math class, I love math like actually love it. But the teacher is really boring. We are learning this math that I never ever heard of before. So that’s a plus but I’m having a hard time staying up in his class. And thats the first class that we have so I’m going to get coffee tomorrow and hopefully will be able to stay up.

So I’m only on day 2 but so far everything is good. And I’ll let you guys know what’s happening.

P.S. there’s a Barnes and Noble right around the corner from em so I’m trying to find a way for me to go. I’ll Post pics.


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