Does Rereading Books Affect You?

in the city
When I was little I used to hate rereading books, unless I really loved the book. As I got older I realized that I forgot what I read before, or that I’ll forget the big or little things. So I started rereading things and I had an epiphany, that I catch things that I didn’t notice before. I would get a better understanding of the book that I didn’t have before. I think it’s better to read a book more than once because if you think about it you’re reading a book that has 300 or more pages in it, how can you remember or catch everything if you read it once?

Sometimes the book is so amazing that I just have to read it again, the first time wasn’t enough. Even if you read it a second time, you still get the feels as much as the first time. I actually think rereading can help you get out of reading runts and book hangovers. Like if the book you just read smashed your world to pieces read it again just to come to reality that you finished a really awesome book that you just so good that you can’t get over it. Or when you did read an amazing book a long time ago, and now you’re in a reading rut pick that book right up again and remember the feeling that you get, and then BAM you’re out that reading rut.

Rereading affects us all in different ways because we are different types of readers. It can help you see things that you didn’t see before, remember the little things that you forgot, get you over a book hangover, and finally out of that reading stump you’re in. Pick up a book that you loved in the past but haven’t read in awhile and let me know what differences that you see now:)


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