Writer Spotlight: To the Nobodies

So I’m at my summer program and my roommate (Shatavia) is an amazing writer. And one night she read me a poem and it was so deep and touched me so much that I asked if I can share it with you guys.

So here’s To the Nobodies by Shatavia Knight.

To the nobodies,
I want my words to be a bomb that radiates,
to burn off the tumors of ignorance and hate that have infiltrated our minds like a cancer
I want to be our chemo therapy
For my words to be the last good soul in hell or an aethists’s last ounce of faith
For my words to be like black nail polish
Something that can go with every shade of skin or age of sin
I’d like to begin the remembering of the forgotten
The loving of the broken hearted:
And so this is to the nobodies
To the Clark Kent’s who never figured out how to fly or couldn’t find their cape
For the Bruce Wayne’s who couldn’t even scrape up enough money for a boomerang let alone a bat cave
This for those brave soldiers who tried to come out of battle unscaved but gave all of themselves to their country and were sentenced to an early grave
For the Peter Parkers whose spider bites only gave them an extensive trip to the ER
For the wonderful girls who couldn’t quite be Wonder women because their bodies couldn’t fit into that star spangled suit
Which was meant to mute the mind but enhance the body making them seen and not heard
For all those who have not yet learned the immortality that lies in words
Let this be a demonstration because
This is to the nobodies
To the average joes
The Jane and John Does
Those who long ago traded in the “S” on their chest fora suit and tie
The people whose seemingly simple legacies will die along with their seemingly simple lives, it is ok not to achieve renown
Because the remnants of your being will be found among the crevices and spaces of these pages
And in the live residing in familiar faces
So your shoulders don’t have to move boulders
Not must they supplant happiness with sorrow to help mold the children of tomorrow
Because that is for the heroes
But know
That turning over a stone
Or giving a child a home
Can make all the difference

Deep right! For all those poets or writers out there I want to do this new sigmate that will be a spotlight for writers. So if you want to share anything at all anonymous are welcome to. I will create a form soon and post it 🙂


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