Interview with YA Deep Calling by J.M. Lavallee main character: Melanie

   YA Deep Calling is a new book coming out by J.M. Lavallee. And I got the chance to do a character interview and I’m so excited to share it with you guys 🙂

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Melanie’s Interview:

Melanie, I’ve caught you in the middle of the story. I know you’re busy trying to stave off Manannan’s advances, but before these readers decide to join in this strange adventure, they would like to know a little more about what’s happening.


Okay, I get it. What do you need to know?


First of all, who… or what, is Manannan?


He’s not like you and me, that’s for sure. You’ll have to cut me some slack here. I’m only just figuring the whole situation out. Before I learned he’s an ancient sea God, one of the Tuatha De Danann(that’s from Irish Folklore, apparently), all I knew was that he is a great power. He pulls his strength from the ocean, and speaks through it. And he’s… he is terrifyingly beautiful. When I saw Manannan for the first time it was as though I knew him. My mind fogged. All I wanted was to throw myself into his waves and be with him. I was willing to sacrifice myself for his love. No, not even that. I’d have given myself to him for just a moment’s attention.

The thing is, that’s not like me. I seriously hate giving in. I’d never “give my life” for something as lame as a guy’s attentions. I’ve got more important things to do. Manannan is dangerous. It’s like he spells you with passion. He gets into your head, messes it up, and never leaves. Here’s the reality; just talking about him makes me want to go to him… even though I know doing so would kill me. Every day is a struggle.


Wow, freaky. And what about this Rhiannon character? What’s she all about? How does she tie into Deep Calling?


Like I said, there’s still a lot I don’t understand. I’ve come in contact with her though; she’s like Manannan, and different from him. I mean, like the Sea King, Rhiannon is of the Tuatha De−a Goddess. But where Manannan draws strength from the sea, Rhiannon’s power seeps from the earth. There’s something about her I don’t like. She feels… wicked, whereas Manannan just is.


Hmmm. Back to the Tuatha De aspect of this tale. What are they doing in our time? Didn’t they exist thousands of years ago, only to be banished beyond some veil, apart from our world?


That’s what’s been driving me crazy! It seems I need to understand this in order to gain any ground against them. I don’t get where they’ve come from all of a sudden. That said, before they arrived I was able to feel their powers. No wait, that’s not right. Not theirpowers. The powers that belong to the Earth. You’re probably groaning−like Shawn would−but it’s true. Since as far back as I can remember I could feel the elements like none of my friends ever could. And I’m not imagining it.


You seem a little sensitive about the subject.




May I ask who Shawn is?


Shawn is−he’s someone. A friend. A guy. He doesn’t understand me… anymore.


I get the impression you’re done with chatting Melanie. I thank you for giving us your time. I know you’re in the middle of some crazy… well, you know.


It’s okay. Thanks for having me. If anyone out there has tips on how to thwart a gorgeous, soul-sucking monster, please let me know. Tweet them to @authorJMLava and use #YADeepCalling. I could really use the advice. I don’t know a whole lot about guys. The only one I’ve ever really known is−




I have to go. The wind is calling.


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