An Update

Hey guys, the summer has been going by so fast and I haven’t actually had time to really get into the blog mood like I had plan to. So I wanted to give you guys an update on what my summer was like and what’s going on with the blog.

How my summer went

My summer started off a little bumpy but it got better every week. To kickoff my summer I went to my dream school Drum roll please Emerson College. It was an amazing trip in Boston and I feel like it was made for me, even with the confusing streets that Boston has. During this trip I also went shopping for this summer program that I just finished. The summer program that I went to is called The Cooperman Scholars. I applied in the middle of my junior year for this amazing scholarship program where I will get up to $2,000 to the college of my choice tuition. It was a three week program on college and it was amazing.

For those three weeks it was sorta like hell, I hardly got to sleep and when I did sleep it felt like I haven’t slept at all. Another reason why it was sorta like hell is because I didn’t get to read the books that I wanted to. But besides those things I had an amazing time, I made connections with 18 other people, I learned things about college that I never knew about, and I learned new skills that I’m going to need in college. I also got $450 and I got a new laptop that I am currently using to write this post. Finally I’m working on a new organization called Be a Hero Foundation, it’s still a work in progress but I’m getting there. So this is how my summer is going.

Blogging Updates

Well I have updated the blog and I am trying to get the blog to where I want it to be and one day I will. Here are somethings that you guys need to know about the blog.

The summer reading challenge

SRC was a bust for two reasons. One no one really got on board and two me and the girls really didn’t have a chance to read the books that are the list. But I think that I will try to do it again next summer so I’m going to take down the SRC page and put it up next summer and see what happens.

So that was the only update that I had on the blog. If you have and anything to ask please comment below.


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