Audiotrails : Prologue

I have never heard a book before and I think it’s time to start. I said this in a weird way, I have never listened to book. Now you guys are probably like “you have never been read to?” And in a sense I haven’t I never used audiobooks. I feel like if I don’t have a book and just hear a person read it to me then I won’t get the full effect. Well I’m going to put this theory to the test and listen to some audiobooks.

I chose the books I want to trail out in to
1. A book that I love.
2. A book that I always wanted to read.
I chose my books like this because if I love the book physically then maybe I’ll love the audiobook too. Also a book that I wanted to read because I don’t want to be bisaed and say oh “I love the book so the audiobook has to be good”. I will be sharing my experince with you guys on these books. See you soon.


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