5 Things That I love about Sy-Fi and Fantasy Books

My favorite genre to read is Sy-fi and Fantasy. When you read into this genre it can take you anywhere and you can do anything. So I wanted to share five of my favorite things about these books.

5 Things That I love about Sy-Fi and Fantasy Books:

  • I love how you can do anything in these books. It’s creative and nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it.
  • It’s unrealistic. The thing I love about reading is that they aren’t like a normal world, that I can jump into a new world and find the new way the characters live.
  • The love scenes. It’s so much better to fall in love when you’re a kickass superhuman or when you fall in love with an alien.
  • Evil is more than evil. You notice in Fantsay or Sy-fi books when someone is evil they aren’t just regular evil people, they are also crazy and creepy.
  • Finally I love the connection I have with the characters. I relate more with these characters than anything else.

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