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#BookBloggingWriMo Day 13: #FeistyFriday – How do you approach writing negative reviews?

Day 13 on #BookBlogWriMo and we are talking about how to approach writing negative reviews. I have yet to write a negative review on the blog, I think it’s because all the books I review I chose to read because something about the book draws me to it. But I am prepared for a book that I won’t enjoy. So here’s how I would approach writing a negative review.

  1. There’s usually a reason why I wouldn’t like a certain book; either I don’t like the pace of the book, or the topic, etc. So I would start by saying why I didn’t like the book and explain it in a way that I wasn’t bashing the author.
  2. Sometimes in a book I don’t like there would be a point in the book that I liked. I would put that in the review to, because nobody likes a negative nacy.
  3. The truth hurts but it’s the truth. I think of negative reviews as constructive criticism, I would want to know what my readers think of my blog I like to give that out to people. Make sure not to come off as rude.

This is how I would approach writing a negative review. If you’re writing a negative review remember that this is your blog and you have the right to speak your mind. Just remember what you put out on the interweb other read and can hurt other peoples feelings.


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