#BookBlogWriMo Day 18 – What book events are you most anticipating?

Day 18 – What book events are you most anticipating?

I love book events but I hardly ever get to go to them, being a broke college student and all. I remember my first book event, it was a retelling books and Danielle Paige was there. I went by myself because all of my book friends couldn’t come and I was so nervous. I almost started crying because of my nervousness, happiness, and excitement. I got my Dorothy Must Die book signed, I got a Danielle Paige poster, and I got to meet Margot Wood. From that moment I knew that I love going to book event, surrounded by fellow book nerds gushing over awesome books. So when it comes to book events I want to go to all of them.

Book Events I Want To Go To

  • Book Con – I’ve been trying to go to Book Con for two years now and when June 2017 comes around I will be attending.
  • Yallfest – I always wanted to go to Yallfest but sadly I’m only 18 year old with no money and can’t drive.
  • Yallwest – I don’t live in Cali so I can’t attend this either.
  • Texas Teen Book Festival – For all the reasons for me to go to Texas this will be at the top of it.

What book events are you guys looking forward to?


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