News! News! News!

Hello fellow book nerds! We have been away for awhile. Life has been hectic for us. It’s Gracie’s just finished her first year in college and she has more time to blog now that she is not balancing school and blogging. Elivia is finishing her senior year of high school and is planning on attending Rutgers Newark in the fall and double majoring in Theater Arts and Environment Science. Shani is now in Africa and helping women with health care.

Things are changing for the blog and we are adding new features. For starters we are adding a new blogger for the blog… * drum roll please * her name is Miranda and she is an English Major with a minor in Creative Writing at Centenary University. She loves reading adult books but is starting to read more YA books. Also we are starting some features that we used to do in the beginning when we started the blog. Like Sunday’s Post where we do weekly wrap ups for the blog and talk about links that we love. The next new thing we are adding to The Perks of Being a Book Girl is that Gracie started to create youtube videos for the blog. She will be posting all of her regular posts that she does here over there. That means Gracie’s reviews, waiting for this month for, monthly TBRs and wrap ups, and so much more will now be on video. She is excited to help expand the blog and to start booktubing. It is always something that Gracie wanted to do and she might be able to do it. Her first youtube video is already uploaded on youtube, called My First Bookcon Experience and Bookcon Book Haul.

Finally we are taking the blog to the next step this weekend and moving the blog to We have always wanted to start blogging on our own domain and have more freedom to how we post things. And this weekend we are buying our own domain and so until then posts will not be posted until we get the new website running.

We are excited to start blogging, reviewing books, and fangirling again. So look out for some new segments. 


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